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Rufus rebrands santa

Here at Rufus Leonard, we’ve had the pleasure of rebranding Santa.  Watch here to find out what happened….

Rufus rebrands Santa


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The proof of the moustache

Some of you have been asking for proof of the Rufus boys hard work… so check out the video on our YouTube page.


Well done the boys – again!

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Well done the Rufus boys

The boys at Rufus Leonard have been raising money for a good cause throughout November. 

In support of the international Movember charity, an organization that backs the fight against prostate cancer, Rufus Leonard’s chaps have been carefully cultivating the very best furry friend on their top lips.  It’s been pleasure and pain all month and they’ve raised over £1200 for the charity.

So well done the boys…

Our Chief Exec leading the Movember cause

And to check out how much was raised or to add to the pot

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