New year new business

2010 is here and there is a lot to be positive about; new year’s resolutions (more to come on this shortly), a move away from last year’s recession depression (yes, positivity is one of my new year’s resolutions) and the beginning of a whole new decade of innovation (I’ll elaborate in further posts).

One area that I am particularly watching this year is the development of social networking sites and their use for businesses.  At the moment there is an obvious divide between social networking sites; facebook and myspace and business networking sites, ecademy and linked-in.  I am interested to see whether the social/ business divide will continue to develop separately or as expected will merge into one overall space…

Our strategy at Rufus will be to bring these sites together, so that you can interact with us on a business and social level simultaneously.  This works for us.  However what about as an individual?  As social sites make more of our individual data available, how many people will stop making this information public?   A good point made my Meghan Keane in her article ‘As social networking goes public, will users stop sharing?’

What do you think?


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