Listen, monitor and then act!

At some point between my first blog post and today, social media has matured.

In the early days (Ok, early 2009) the key message was ‘don’t plan just play’ – Essentially, don’t strategise too much, just get used to the tools and play with them to work out what works for you.  But now the message is more ‘listen, monitor and then act’. Why? Well the answer is that social media and online pr tools have grown up. It’s not a test bed anymore. It’s a valuable business channel that can add really good value to your business if done right. Done wrong… It can be devastating.

So ‘don’t plan just play’s’ day is over.  And I for one am glad.  A lot of social media strategy is common sense but it’s well thought through and appropriate common sense that will deliver the best results.  Now the challenge is  how to utilise social media to deliver real, measurable results for your business.  And the results being? Many; enhanced reputation, increased customer satisfaction, improved complaint resolution, more sales and more loyalty.  Sounds like a good use of planning time to me.


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